Hi! We're Tiffany & Shang.

Parents, dog lovers, Hawai'i based portrait photographers/ videographers... We're a husband and wife photography team, who have a habit of finding every moment from a scenic hike, to a special dinner, even waiting in line for popcorn at the movies with our daughters, as a good reason to take out our phones and hit record or snap a photo.

The beauty in a photo isn't in what we see, but more so in what is felt. We aim to express these feelings in each exposure and transport the viewer back to that place and time, reminding them of that fleeting moment. We hope we can help tell your story.


Peggy & Carroll

“...our pictures were absolutely gorgeous, they showed how much fun we had, how much love we have for each other, and the beautiful background of Hawai'i. We couldn't have picked a better day, a better place, or a better person to take our pictures. Thank you so much!”

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